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x_nimrods_x's Journal

Nimrods of the World United
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Okay this is for those Nimrods who feel a need to meet other Nimrods and be all happy knowing other Nimrods and yes.

~Rules of the Community~
1) There aren't any as of now.

Every Nimrod Needs An Individual Name Project

Every Nimrod needs a name to make them stand out from the others. The following are currently being used. [When choosing a name, please use a Green Day related topic, i.e. a song title. However, don't use Mike, Tré or Billie Joe =) 'Cause we all know there are only ONE of each of them.]
+Basket Case+
+Jason Andrew Relva+
+St. Jimmy+
+Rock 'n' Roll Girlfriend+
+Jesus of Suburbia+